Houston/Boulder, June 23, 2023: It’s summer again, and that means summer interns! With Odyssey growing, so is our internship program. After having a half dozen interns last year, we’ve welcomed 11 interns this year already. They’re working on a variety of projects, from Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser to NASA work to internal research & development. 

As always, our interns come from universities all over the country: Stanford, CU Boulder, University of Houston, UT Dallas, UT Austin and Texas A&M (yes, we hire from both. Sometimes we even put them into one office together and see who survives until the end of the summer. :)), and more. 

We are excited to see our team grow, and wish them all a great time at Odyssey this summer! 

Interested in working at Odyssey, either as an intern or as a full-time employee? Come talk to us at one of the upcoming career fairs this fall (Sep 6 & 7 at both UT Austin and Texas A&M, Sep 12 at Georgia Tech, Sep 13 at Colorado School of Mines, Sep 19 at Iowa State, and Oct 4 at University of Colorado) or have a look at the career section on our website – We are actively hiring year-round!