ISS Visiting Vehicles

Northrop Grumman Successfully Completes Three Cygnus Flights

June 30, 2021: The Cygnus unmanned cargo vehicle successfully completed its thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth missions to the International Space Station (ISS). The missions were called NG-13, NG-14, and NG-15, respectively, and were conducted for NASA under the Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) [...]

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SpaceX CRS-20 to 22 Advance Spaceflight Technology

June 3rd, 2021: Congrats to SpaceX for three successful missions to the ISS! CRS-20 launched on 7 March 2020. The capsule flown was previously used for CRS-10 and CRS-16, marking the third return of this capsule to the ISS. Just a few [...]

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HTV Undocks from ISS for the Last Time

August 8, 2020: Today marks the retirement of the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV). Between 2009 to 2020, HTV successfully completed 9 resupply missions to the International Space Station. The vehicle, also known as Kounotori or ‘the white stork’ after the colloquial bird [...]

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