August 10th, 2022: For the first time in almost 3 years (thanks to the COVID pandemic), new employees at Odyssey once again got the opportunity to tour exciting locations at NASA Johnson Space Center in the past several weeks. Though, because it has been almost 3 years, we have some not-so-new employees that finally got to go and had to split the groups into three tours! Tour sites included ISS Mission Control, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, and the Saturn V rocket at Rocket Park. Odyssey is lucky to have Bryan Lunney, former Flight Director at NASA JSC and current Vice President at Odyssey Space Research, who can give in-depth and personal guided tours due to his time at NASA JSC. Odyssey likes to give tours of NASA JSC to newer employees who may not have had the chance to see NASA’s campus before, so we’re happy that we can return to giving these tours. Tours like these help remind us of the history of human spaceflight so we can better understand our role in its future.