April 8, 2023 – Houston, TX – The annual NASA chili cookoff in Houston saw top chefs from around the area come together to showcase their culinary creations. Among the talented competitors was Odyssey Spice Research, a team of six cooks who presented an unconventional twist on the classic dish with their Colorado Green Chili. The team, consisting of head chef Jason Lubrano, Mallory Botsch, Benjamin Capeloto, Greg Watts, Jack Lu, and Sebastian Sikes, poured their hearts and souls into their dish, which featured browned pork, fire-roasted peppers, hearty broth, and delectably diced Yukon potatoes, all with a green twist that set their dish apart. 

Fair-goers were quick to take notice of the team’s hard work, eager to try the innovative take on a classic dish. The Odyssey Spice Research team worked tirelessly to keep up with demand, serving up bowl after bowl of their tantalizing chili until it ran out. Despite not taking home the first-place trophy, the team left the competition with their heads held high, knowing that they had put everything they had into their chili creation. 

The annual NASA chili cookoff is a highly contested event in the Houston area, showcasing some of the best chili dishes around. For Odyssey Spice Research, it was an opportunity to push the boundaries of the classic dish and create something truly unique and special. Their green twist on a Texan tradition left a lasting impression on all who tasted it. The team’s passion and dedication to their craft were evident in every bite of their delicious Colorado Green Chili.