2020 NASA SBIR Phase I award: “Autonomous Optical Navigation and Targeting for Operations in NRHO”. Principal investigator: Dr. Franceso de Dilectis.

July 6, 2020: Odyssey has won a Phase I SBIR to implement state of the art optical navigation and targeting algorithms for autonomous station-keeping and rendezvous in Near Rectilinear Halo Orbits. The autonomous targeting system is based on pioneering work by Dr. Francesco de Dilectis, Dr. Malak Samaan, and Dr. Cesar Ocampo, and Odyssey’s experience implementing efficient, effective Guidance, Navigation, and Control algorithms on flight hardware. During Phase I, we will focus on prototyping flight versions of the algorithms to support autonomous operation of Lunar Orbital Platform – Gatway (LOP-G) modules and spacecraft rendezvousing with LOP-G. For Phase II, we will develop and validate a full flight system with space-rated hardware and full-stack cFS software.

Congratulations to the team that will be conducting this cutting-edge research to advance the state of the art in human spaceflight. Interested in being part of the adventure? Visit our Careers page to see current job openings!