March 11, 2023: SpaceX is on a roll! After the success of the first three Crew flights, SpaceX reaffirms its commitment to reusing boosters and capsules. Crew-4 launched and docked on April 27th, 2022. While the mission featured the first use of the Freedom capsule, the booster was used for the fourth time (last used for Crew-3). The mission ended when the Freedom capsule returned in the following October. 

Crew-5 launched and docked just a week before the Crew-4 capsule undocked. The rocket used to propel the capsule, Endurance (last used for Crew-3), has since been re-used for two other missions. Endurance undocked early this morning, and is set to land even earlier the following morning. This mission was particularly notable as it was the first time a Russian cosmonaut flew on a U.S. spacecraft since STS-113. As was the case with the hand-off between Crew-4 and Crew-5, the Crew-6 capsule Endeavour, last used in the private Axiom-1 mission, docked with the ISS just over a week before Endurance undocked. Endeavour is set to return to Earth later this Fall. 

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