CRS-22June 3rd, 2021: Congrats to SpaceX for three successful missions to the ISS!

CRS-20 launched on 7 March 2020. The capsule flown was previously used for CRS-10 and CRS-16, marking the third return of this capsule to the ISS. Just a few years ago, a commercial capsule traveling to the ISS would have been unthinkable – as would’ve been reusing a capsule. Thanks to technological innovations driven by SpaceX and others this is now commonplace, and that technology is actually already getting replaced by even more advanced technology.

CRS-20 was in fact the last Dragon 1 flight, with CRS-21 (launched on 6 December 2020) onward using the (Cargo) Dragon 2 spacecraft. One of the most significant differences is that Dragon 1 was captured by the station’s Canadarm2 robotic arm, whereas Dragon 2 is autonomously docking to the ISS. CRS-20 and CRS-21 also both used boosters that had been previously flown on other missions, showing the progress that has been made towards becoming a truly spacefaring civilization.

The most recent mission is CRS-22, which launched on 3 June 2021. Its most important cargo is the first pair of new roll-out solar arrays for the ISS. Many additional missions are scheduled for the near future, using both crewed and uncrewed versions of Dragon 2.

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