April 25, 2023: Today Odyssey held its annual State of the Odyssey all-company meeting! This involved celebrating 20 years of Odyssey and recognizing employment anniversaries: 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, and beyond. We are grateful to have a large range of experience among our engineers. Some are recent graduates working their first fulltime job, while others are seasoned engineers at the end of their career with decades of experience at other companies. 

A more somber note was struck with the remembrance of fatal accidents in the history of spaceflight. As professionals working in the aerospace industry, we cannot be reminded often enough of the incredible responsibility that comes with this work, especially those projects directly related to human spaceflight. 

The State of the Odyssey also provided an overview of the fascinating ongoing and upcoming projects. Some of them are publicly known: from RPOC V to the Artemis program to Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser. Other, even more exciting, projects are company proprietary – you’ll have to become a member of the Odyssey team to find out more! (A good first step is our Careers page…) 

We are excited about the current State of the Odyssey as well as the bright prospects for the future!