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Anniversary Party

2021-11-13: Happy 18th birthday, Odyssey!! Now that the company is of legal age (in most countries at least) we celebrated with beer, wine, heartfelt acknowledgements, short and sweet speeches, inspirational videos, and generally lots of fun! Lone Star Flight Museum provided the appropriate backdrop, and there was mac and cheese for the kids and flight simulators for the adults (or vice versa). We’ve been pulling far more than our weight as a [...]


Odyssey Engineers Recognized Again for NASA Software of the Year

Congratulations to Cesar Ocampo, Chris Foster, and Quentin Moore for their contributions to the Copernicus project which has won the 2021 NASA Software of the Year Award.  This is the second straight year that Odyssey engineers have been recognized for [...]

By |October 12th, 2021|Awards|
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