January 16, 2021:
NASA has officially transferred ownership of the Artemis I Orion spacecraft to the Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) group for final preparations for launch. The transfer marks the completion of the assembly of spacecraft, which first began at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans in 2015. On January 14, Orion was unloaded from its assembly stand in the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building at Kennedy Space Center where final components were installed. Orion will next undergo additional testing and integration with the Space Launch System (SLS) in preparation for the Artemis I mission, which will send the vessel more than 280,000 miles away from Earth, farther from Earth than any human-rated spacecraft mission before it.

As part of the flight software team and backup flight software team at Johnson Space Center, Odyssey Space Research helps write the control algorithms that will take Orion to the Moon and further solar system exploration. To learn more about projects Odyssey works on, see our Projects page.