June 6, 2022: Odyssey congratulates Melanie Wallace on being awarded the OSR Rising Star Award! Melanie is being recognized for her outstanding work on numerous projects, chief among them her role as test team lead of the Sierra Space flight software project. In her role, Melanie led her team in architecting and writing a litany of tools and infrastructure to exercise automated testing of the flight software and ensure high quality code through continuous integration. Her infrastructure enabled writing of automated test case pipelines to reliably and repeatedly meet NASA requirements.  


The most notable result of this work is the immense speed up it brought to the development process. What once took hours to run, test, and debug manually can now be done in a matter of minutes with minimal developer interaction needed. Her team’s work allowed developers to generate test case reports and data analysis at the push of a button, making the most of developers’ time while continuing to provide much-needed metrics. To all she has led in this effort, she says, “I am extremely proud of my team for working hard and coming up with new solutions every day for how best to optimize the continuous integration and development of flight software.” 


Now, the knowledge gained from Melanie and her team is being used on other projects to aid development across the company. 


Our rising star is motivated by the challenge of complex problems that require unique solutions and enjoys fighting against a challenging deadline. We at Odyssey are very proud to have Melanie on our team.  


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