Spacecraft Trajectories

Congratulations to Cesar Ocampo, Chris Foster, and Quentin Moore for their contributions to the Copernicus project which has won the 2021 NASA Software of the Year Award.  This is the second straight year that Odyssey engineers have been recognized for their work on a NASA Software of the Year Award winning project.

Copernicus is a key orbit design and analysis tool used by multiple NASA centers (including Johnson Space Center, Glenn Research Center, and Marshall Space Flight Center) for all aspects of the Artemis, Human Lander System, Gateway space station, and Power and Propulsion Element mission design.  It provides a unified framework for modeling, designing, and optimizing spacecraft trajectories in a multibody system.  Copernicus provides tremendous computing and optimization power in a user-friendly package that can be used by both experts and novices alike.  Odyssey Space Research is honored to be a part of this exceptional software team.